Women of Wedding is an ongoing photographic project about womanhood, identity and about diversity.

The images tell the stories of women living or working in Berlin-Wedding.
Wedding is a part of Berlin nowadays known for its ethnic diversity, but back in the days of the GDR it was the last stop in Western Berlin before the Berlin Wall and Eastern Germany – an island of democracy and freedom.

Every morning I walk those streets that, 30 years ago, used to be the last stop in the West German part of the city.

Equipped with my medium-format camera I randomly approach women passing by and ask if I could portray them. Sometimes these encounters last ten minutes, sometimes we talk for hours – I always take my time to listen to them, to what they want to tell me, to their stories.

Some have seen the Berlin Wall rise and fall from either side, others have come from far away to stay for a few months or open ended.

All of them radiate pride and peace. I am extremely grateful to have been let into their lives and to have been awarded with such trust; I truly feel connected with many of them.

By portraying these women as people, no matter where they are from and what their background or religion or color of skin is, I seek to explore notions of what it means to be human in an environment where misogyny and racism take their toll on each of us, and I find it especially important to lend a voice to all of those who remind us that we can still succeed in living peacefully next to one another.

I chose to juxtapose the black-and-white images with a short text – a memory from my encounter with the women. In my mind, what they had to say, what they confided in and what they remembered is to me as important as the resulting image.

The different texts are typed on very delicate and thin paper, turning out to be tiny gems of memories.