Every morning I walk those Berlin streets that, 30 years ago, used to be the last stop in the West German part of the city.

Seeking to explore notions of what it means to be a woman living in Berlin, I set out to capture the diverse features of what has been my hometown for the last years.

But what I actually found was other women who I met on the streets, whom I talked to and portrayed – women of all ages and from all parts of the world, with all kinds of religious beliefs.
We found we shared a common ground: our interest in stories, in listening to each other.

I had never seen these women before, yet there was a familiarity about them that I wanted to capture and hold on to.

The fleeting moments of our meeting – a tune, a glance, a smile and very often a sentence or two – are what resonated with me, the kind of ephemeral detail that fills each moment but just as instantly disappears.

‚der wedding‘ is the result of my still ongoing daily walks through Berlin Wedding and I see it as a visual diary, as a photographic essay on a very special place, but also on identity, transience and womanhood.