Unsex Me Here













Unsex Me Here (working title, work in progress)


There is something very compelling and yet deeply upsetting about the image of The Perfect Woman.
It has been internalized by women over countless generations; being eyed and scrutinized by men and other women is part of our daily lives.

But what is The Perfect Woman? The world of magazines, influencers, Hollywood, etc makes us think she is beautiful, slim, clever, witty, creative – but never too loud, too big, too successful, too pushy.
Perfection may have many faces but it is always a powerful magnet for hopes and dreams, and especially in terms of the body, aging and motherhood it implies that we live in a world of imperfections with room for self-improvement.

I have felt the power of it myself and I am drawn to investigate the industry behind these hopes and dreams, and also to discover the different nuances and the cross-generational emotions that the image of The Perfect Woman elicits.