The series ‚in-between‘ is a photographic series which, in general terms, investigates the phase in between a girl’s childhood and adolescence.

There is still a strong feeling of innocence about girls this age, they are not yet ready to enter the adolescent world with its make-up, cellphones, and, of course, boys; but they are definitely aware of the impact their presence already has.

This specific time is characterized by self-discovery, role-playing, vulnerability, impatience, challenging the adult world, and a sense of immortality. But soon enough, a child will grow up and leave the nest.

On a more personal level, ‚in-between‘ is also about my daughter – who is growing up amongst four brothers and is always being scrutinized by them. The male gaze is something that is ubiquitous for her.

So this series is also about her, fighting for her ways, every day, in a male-dominated world.