‚farfallina bianca‘ is a long-term project about the magic of childhood.

Looking at the images in this photographic series, we enter a dream-like world, existent only in a child’s imagination, by means of a tale called ‚farfallina bianca‘ or ‚little white butterfly‘.
The exact content of this fairy tale remains unknown throughout, but, from a child’s perspective, the viewer learns that by chasing white butterflies children enter a sphere of their own thoughts and feelings.

As a mother, I am often taken back in time remembering those magic moments in childhood when you give free reign to imagination. All the elaborate and fantastic daydreams come back to me in a rush and I vividly remember what it was like to spend day after day playing my favorite game of ‚Let’s pretend…’. The world is infinitely broad in childhood.

The images in this series show my daughter over the period of several years. None of the settings have been staged, instead, I have been observing and capturing a certain moment when she was completely immersed in her play.