There is more to starting a family than is visible to the naked eye.

First, there’s the undeniable fact that a new pregnancy takes weeks to become visible.
But there are also the months, and sometimes years, preceding this: from the discussions of ‚if‘, ‚when‘ and ‚how many‘ to the, possibly, long and nerve-wrecking waiting to conceive, not to mention any miscarriages or broken relationships.

This body of work explores the various emotional states we may find ourselves in when starting a family. The images address these sentiments by drawing the viewer right into the heart of the matter, which still holds mystery and offers the potential for discovery and exploration. They peel away layers of different circumstances, until all that is left is the raw emotion men and women deal with when starting a family:

Hope. Vulnerability. Joy. Despair. Pride. Uncertainty.

The photographs are imbued with symbolism and layers of interpretation and by setting the mood in darker, womb-like tones and using pinprick lighting, the inner conflicts are illuminated.