Most of my projects have started by asking questions about our identities and where we come from.

‚dear all‘ is a portrait of life with children – my own children – from a parents’ point of view. It is a long-term project exploring the inner landscapes of both myself and my family as a unit and as individuals.

Our family life is a microcosm, but its dynamics are quite universal, in that our happiness, the quarrels and routines are symbolical of what happens in other families around the world. By capturing certain moods this series of photographs reveals the ups and downs of family life.

But first and foremost, it shines a light on the small things in everyday life, such as a certain glance or a child immersed in play; and by finding poetry in the unexpected these moments become just as important as births, birthdays or Christmases.
Their meaning, their consequences and the memory of these instants are what makes family life so special for me.