Most of my projects have started by asking questions about our identities and where we come from.

‚dear all‘ is a portrait of my children, a portrait of their lives and it’s also a self-portrait of my life as a mother.

The images not only show the complexity of motherhood, but also focus on the invisible world of childhood – from the small wonders of everyday life seen with toddlers eyes, to the more intricate frame of mind of a teenager.

They shine a light on tiny things in everyday life, such as a certain glance, a pensive mood or a child immersed in play, and by finding poetry in the unexpected, these moments become just as important as births, birthdays or Christmases.

I felt I had to preserve these instants, to hold on to our family life, when we are counting the days with our children.
The various stages they go through simply fly by and evaporate.